Business and Technology Consulting 

We provide management services in the area of Sales, Partnership, Engineering and
Business development

Our services

We help you with hands-on activities, such as finding new customers, partners and local sales representatives to boost your business. We can manage your engineering team to align with your strategies and customer expectations and set common goals to increase quality, efficiency and profit. 


Stony Plain offers hands on sales services such as local sales directors and regional managers to represent your products and services in a specific region.


Where are your customers and how do you reach them? We can help you plan and act with our global network of sales reps and partners. We have more than 30 years of experience setting up successful partnerships.


Does your engineering team work towards a common goal? Do they understand that they have a key role in the sales and delivery process? We can help you establish a competitive organization aligned with your business. 

Business Development

Partners, manufactures, royalties and lead time. How do you plan for growth? We can help you plan and forecast your investments and ROI using data from leading research companies.



Quantum Dot Display Market to $50 Billion says new TDR market report   

 +30 years of experience!
Read the resume of Carl Bergendal for a summary of services and experience we provide.

About Us

Stony Plain is a global network of experienced professionals in the  technology and IT business. We carefully select our customers and only accept assignments where we truly believe we can make a better tomorrow. Our success builds on our customer's success. 

A little bit History

The company was founded by Carl Bergendal in 2020 as a response to the struggling times of Covid-19. We identified the need of hiring experienced professionals that can help out to boost business as recruiting new management as recrutingmay be impossible. We are located in Stockholm, Sweden and have more than 30 years of experience in various management positions. We can provide consultants in Europe, Asia and USA. 

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